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Run Matlab with remote FLEXlm license server

I describe how to run Matlab on Windows XP at home by gaining license information from university through ssh tunnels.

Let say GATEWAY is the gateway to my university, and LICENSE_SERVER is where the FLEXlm server is running. First teach Windows to connect to localhost when anything wants to access LICENSE_SERVER. Find the file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the following line localhost LICENSE_SERVER

directly under the line localhost

Secondly, you have to know the port on which FLEXlm will check out Matlab license. It is usually a number between 27000-27009 (let say it is 27002 as in the following example code) and you can know it by reading the file license.dat on the machine where FLEXlm running. Then your license.dat will look like:

SERVER localhost 80bf470b 27002



Finally, you have to forward the 2 necessary ports from your PC to the LICENSE_SERVER. In the 2 ports, one is used for connecting to the FLEXlm server, and the other for checking out Matlab. I use Putty for ssh ports forwarding. To view port numbers that are currently in use on Windows, run the following command from a DOS box:

netstat -a -p tcp

By the output of this command, you can guess the 2 ports that are required for access to the FLEXlm server.


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