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北九州大学で、1年間の 留学を希望する環境に関心があり日本語のできるベトナム人学生を3名探しています。レベルは学部でも、修士でも、博士でもいいようで す。
1年 間の研修ですが、大学院生の場合、20単位を取得しますので、北九大の場合、後 一年の論文で修士学位を取れる状態になります。
もちろん一年間の 研修だけでもよいですが、もし、自己資金750,000円 を用意できれば、2年間北九大 の修士学位が取れます。
日本語のわかる環 境に興味のある学生を希望しています。

About the program,
We provide one year training to participate 10 lectures for 20 credits with the condition
  • the scholarship 130,000 yen/ month;
  • prepare to study at Japan 260,000 yen;(mainly travel expensive from their country)
  • education/research up to 580,000 yen ( in Kitakyudai’s case 326,000 yen)
  • national travel study 100,000 yen;
the status is not a full time student
In our master course, full-time student generally take 10 lecture(about 20 credits) during one year and spend another one year to do their master thesis.
That is why I said the trainer in this program can got the master degree if he/she could become a full-time student and take another year to do their master thesis.
but if he/she want to do so, there is a problem about the money and entrance time(From May 26, Wed, to June 4, Fri, 2010)
if he/she want to become a full-time student,
he/she need first to pay Examination Fee 30,000 yen and come to have a examination on July 4, 2010.
If he/she pass the examination, he/she need to pay the following fee for entrance.
Admission fee 423,000 yen+ Alumni Association 50,000 yen + Accident Insurance 2,100 yen
In the first year, we can provide,
1)    the scholarship 130,000 yen/ month;
2)     the travel fee from Thailand
3)     national travel study
4)     part of Tuition Annual fee 535,800 yen in Kitakyudai’s case 326,000 yen
in the second year, he/she need to pay by himself/herself for Tuition Annual fee 535,800 yen, which can be decrease to about 267,900 yen if he/she have no income and apply for it.
I have a simulation. please see the attached file.
It say he/she have to prepare at least about 750,000 yen for their two years study.